International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics
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*Accepted Posters

Accepted Posters


Abstract submission is closed.

Poster area is 100cm x 120cm (width x height).

Accepted posters should go up the first day of the conference before noon. 



01. ECPred: A Tool for Enzyme Prediction with Combined Classifiers 

Ahmet Süreyya Rifaioğlu,Tunca Doğan ,Ayşegül Yaman , Ömer Sinan Saraç , Mehmet Volkan Atalay , Maria J. Martin and Rengül Çetin-Atalay 

02. Computational Analysis of RBP-mediated Regulation in Cancer 

Atefeh Lafz1 , Saber HafezQorani , and Hilal Kazan              

03. An LDA - WGCNA Hybrid Method for Better Biclustering of Expression Data   

Bahar Tercan , Aybar C. Acar         

04. High-Throughput Genotyping and Genome-wide Pathway Analysis Identifies A Significant Role For IL-10 Pathway in HIV/AIDS Susceptibility              

Efe Sezgin ,James A. Lautenberger , George W. Nelson , Mark L. Van Natta , Douglas A. Jabs , Edward D. Gomperts , Susan Buchbinder , James J. Goedert , Gregory D. Kirk , Jennifer L. Troyer ,Stephen, J. O'Brien , Cheryl A. Winkler                    

05. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques            

Bouharati S. , Bouharati O , Allag F , Bounechada M.           

06. Pharmaco-vigilance: Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks               

Bounechada M. , Bouharati O , Bouharati S. , ,Allag F 

07. Assessing the Syndromic Surveillance Detection Methods 

Imren Saygir , Dursun Aydin 

8. Bioinformatics Analysis of Allergens in Genetically Modified Plants 

Burcu Poyraz , Hatice Güneş 

9. Detecting Boron Related Transmembrane Proteins in Bacillus Boroniphilus 

Erdem Türk , Bekir Çöl 

10. Investigation of the Use of Electronic Health Records in a Hospital:  A Case Study 

Arzu Kurşun 

11. Semantic Text Similarity Methods For Identifying Cited Text Spans in Biomedical Articles 

Gizem Soğancıoğlu , Arzucan Özgür 

12. Comparative Analysis of EF-Tu Protein Sequences Obtained from Extant and Modern Bacterial Homologs 

Gokce Senger , Nurcan Tuncbag , Betul Kacar 

13. Reconstruction of the Temporal Signaling Network in Salmonella-Infected Human Cells 

Gungor Budak , Oyku Eren Ozsoy , Yesim Aydin Son , Tolga Can , Nurcan Tuncbag 

14. A New Feature Encoding Technique for MHC Class I Molecules / T Cells Binding Specificity 

İlknur Çinar Efe , Murat Gök 

15. Proteomic Analysis of Protein Extracts Obtained from A Highly Boron Tolerant Pseudomomas Strain Grown with Different Levels of Boric Acid 

Begüm H. Gökcan , Murat Kasap , Gürler Akpınar , Bekir Çöl 

16. SMILES-based Molecular Similarity Functions for Drug-Target Interaction Prediction 

Hakime Öztürk , Elif Ozkirimli , Arzucan Özgür 

18. Inferring Gene Regulatory Network from Expression Data 

İsmail Bilgen , Ömer Sinan Saraç 

19. Phylogenetic Analysis of the Bacillus cereus Group of Bacteria 

Müjgan Oktay , Hatice Güneş 

20. Microarray Gene Expression Data Clustering with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm 

Mustafa Tarim , Celal Öztürk 

21. Privacy and Security of Electronic Medical Records: a Case Study in CryptDB 

Nalin TURĞUT1 and Enis Karaarslan 

23. Utilization of Multiple Mapped Sequences in Next Generation Sequencing, Especially in Chip-Seq Experiments 

Mehmet Seyit Zor , Alper Yilmaz 

24. Computational Prediction of miRNA Candidates In Olive EST Library 

Nehir Özdemir Özgentürk , Zehra Ömeroğlu Ulu1 Salih Ulu , Dilek Koptekin , Cemal Ün 

25. Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions on Heterogeneous Graph 

Remzi Çelebi , Erkan Yaşar , Özgür Gümüş 

26. The investigation of Technical Effect of Departments in Adnan Menderes University 

Özel Sebetci , İbrahim Uysal , Mücahit Avcil , Mücahit Kapcı 

27. Partially Supervised Clustering to Cancer Patient Subgroup Identification 

Duygu Ozcelik1 and Oznur Tastan 

28. Automated Protein Function Prediction with UniGOPred 

Ahmet Süreyya Rifaioğlu , Tunca Doğan ,Ömer Sinan Saraç , Mehmet Volkan Atalay , Maria Jesus Martin and Rengül Çetin-Atalay 

29. Bioinformatics Analysis of Hypertension 

Saouchi S.; Bouharati S. ,Bouharati O.; Bounechada M. 

30. Characterization of Protein Sequences Using Latent Semantic Analysis 

Ufuk Nalbantoglu , Khalid Sayood , George Garrity 

31. A Clustering Study of Medical Faculty Departments Based on Some Variables: Adnan Menderes University Sample 

Özel Sebetci , Gökhan Aksu , Mücahit Avcil , Mücahit Kapcı 

33. Modeling the Combined Effect of RNA-binding Proteins and microRNAs in Post-transcriptional regulation 

Saber HafezQorani , Atefeh Lafzi , Yeşim Aydın Son , Hilal Kazan 

34. Drug Selection for Malignant Melanoma using Biomarkers Generated by Gene Co-expression Network Analysis 

Semih Alpsoy ,Aybar C. Acar , Ali O. Güre 

35. A DNA Methylation Analysis Pipeline Example 

Serbulent Unsal , Aybar Can Acar , Kemal Turhan 

36. Classification of Pima Indians Diabetes Data Set and Effect of Missing Data 

Yunus E. Yörük1                , Uğur Turhal  Ayhan İstanbullu 

37. Identifying Discriminative Scores of HMM-profile Alignments by Feature Selection 

Zafer Aydın , Ömmu Gülsüm Uzut , Hüseyin Emre Erdem 

38. A Personalized Tumor Modeling Framework 

Serbulent Unsal , Aybar Can Acar , Mehmet Itik , Ayse Kabatas , Oznur Gedikli and Kemal Turhan 

39. Computational Prediction of Drug – Target Protein Interactions 

Tunca Doğan ,Tülin Erşahin , Ahmet Rifaioğlu , Diego Poggioli , Andrew Nightingale , Maria J. Martin , Rengül Çetin-Atalay 

40. Identification of Redundant Domain Entries in the InterPro Database 

Ahmet Süreyya Rifaioğlu , Tunca Doğan ,Tolga Can 

41. GO Analysis of ESTs in Kivircik Sheep Mammary Gland cDNA Library 

Zehra Ömeroğlu Ulu , Cemal Ün , Kemal Öztabak , Kemal Altunatmaz , Salih Ulu , Nehir Özdemir Özgentürk  

44. Inferring Ancestral History of Somatic Mutations with Bayesian Networks 

Uğur TOPRAK , Serbülent ÜNSAL , Kemal TURHAN 

45. Regression Model for the Construction of Biological Network via Random Forest Algorithm 

Deniz Seçilmiş , Vilda Purutçuoğlu 

46. Gene Regulatory Network Inference based on Temporal Automata Network Model 

Remzi Çelebi , Hürevren Kiliç , Yeşim Aydin Son 

47. Breast Cancer Subtype Prediction By Using RNA-Sequencing Data and Machine Learning Methods 

Yunus Burakgazi , Zerrin Işık 



*Abstracts that are marked "No Publishing" are excluded. 



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